About Me

My name is Robert Gray.  In 1997, I became severely depressed after several years of being addicted to cybersex.  After two hospitalizations and electroconvulsive therapy, I was extremely fortunate to begin my recovery.

I was born in Detroit in 1954, the first in my family to be born in the United States.  My parents were Hungarian and survived The Holocaust.  They came to America in 1949 with my brother.  I grew up in Oak Park, MI where I graduated from high school in 1972.  I earned a BA in Psychology in 1976 and an MBA from The University of Michigan in 1978.

Most of my career was spent with AT&T in Detroit, Chicago, and Atlanta.  After taking early retirement in 1999, I continued to work for several companies until I discovered the non-profit world.  I became a Certified Peer Specialist and eventually worked for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  I am now a facilitator and a trainer for NAMI peer programs.

I have been married to an amazing woman since 1977 and we have four wonderful children.  So far, we have two lovely granddaughters and we are hoping for more grandchildren in the years to come.

I am a math tutor, I play the clarinet, I love my dog, and I am forever grateful for all of the blessings in my life.  It’s been a rough ride.

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