What To Do When Your Team Blows the Big Game

Last night, the Atlanta Falcons played in one of the most exciting Super Bowls in the 51-year history of the game.  They even set some records along the way.  It was the first Super Bowl game to go into overtime.  The Falcons blew the biggest lead in Super Bowl history to lose the game.  League MVP Matt Ryan had the best quarterback rating in the history of the Super Bowl for a losing quarterback.  I’m sure there are more equally dubious records but let’s leave it at that.

The sports fans of Atlanta have celebrated only one professional championship and that was back in 1995.  The Braves left us short many times in their winning years.   So in this year of the Cubs and Donald Trump, you had to figure that the Falcons would rise up and knock the Patriots off of their pedestal.  But it was not to be.

I’m curious if Atlanta will see an increase in the number of visits to psychiatrists after this loss.  I read an interesting article by Anthony Centore called “Sports Fan Depression is Real: Did Your Team Lose Last Night?”  The author cites examples that fans dealing with a loss will likely feel anger, irritability, a sense of loss, and an inability to stay focused at work.  Sounds like depression symptoms to me.  I’m not a huge Falcons fan and yet I felt saddened and just sort of down today.  Just think how season ticket holders must feel.  And all those PSL holders for the new stadium looking forward to beginning next season as Super Bowl Champs!  How sweet it could have, should have been.

So how should you deal with these feelings when your team blows the big game? Mr. Centore lists the following things you can do:

  1. Take a step back – List the things in your life that are going well, things you appreciate, and remember it’s just a game.
  2. Stay social – Don’t isolate or withdraw.  Keep your social life strong.
  3. Fill the Void – The season is over.  Find something else to do.  Anything.
  4. Talk about it – Discuss your feelings with friends.  Find out you’re not alone. Start thinking about next season.
  5. Wait it out – Sports depression will probably pass in a few days.  If it doesn’t seek help.

And here’s one of my own tips – Consider how lucky you are that you are not a Detroit Lions fan, like me.  When Simba asks his father Mufasa about that light in the distance, Mufasa tells him “That is the Super Bowl.  We don’t go there.  We’re Lions”.

1 thought on “What To Do When Your Team Blows the Big Game

  1. We Cleveland sports fans know pain, too. How have I suffered? Let me count the ways! My solution was to back away, far, far away. I stopped wearing the garb and watching the games. The few games I did watch, I walked away when the team started to lose. Fair weather? Definitely!! I’m still a fan, but sports aren’t as important to me any more. And I’m a much happier – and slightly more mature – person because of it.


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