In Control

Yesterday was a stressful day for me at work.  I felt like I had more than enough to do and not enough time to do it.  Then, more things came my way and I really felt overwhelmed.  I needed a break so I went outside and just stood there for a few minutes.  I took some deep breaths, enjoyed the feeling of the sun on my face, and listened to the songs of the birds.  When I went back inside, I went in my office and closed my door.  Isolating is probably not the best thing for me but I just didn’t want to hear or see anyone for a while.

Today was a better day.  I got some things done while more things came my way.  But I did something different which made the day better.  I got some things under control.  I built a spreadsheet so I can keep track of things rather than having to search my inbox or my memory.  I started keeping track of things I have asked for so I have a better handle of who has responded and who has not.  A little time spent on organization gives me a sense of control and reduces my level of stress.

The workload hasn’t changed.  I just have a better way of coping with it.

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