People Recognize my Talents

I was sitting here thinking about what I could write about today.  One thought was about accepting myself but I think I’ve written about that before.  I also thought about being alone but not being lonely.  I decided against that one too.  Maybe I could write about how I feel like I need attention and it bothers me when I don’t get it.  No, not today.  Then and idea came into my head and I liked it.  People recognize my talents.

I’ve been working in my current job for 4 months and a week.  In that time, my coworkers have been seeking me out to do certain things.  Before we send out something of importance, it comes to me for proofreading.  I don’t just pick up spelling and grammar issues.  I also notice font changes, spacing issues, and inconsistencies of various kinds throughout the document.  I have proven my ability as an eagle-eye.  All those years of internal auditing and quality assurance have heightened my awareness to detail.  After all, it used to be said that internal auditors can pick out the fly poop from the pepper.  I have also been asked to record our telephone greeting since I have a nice, professional speaking voice.  Today, I said something in Russian to a native speaker of Russian and he stopped in his tracks and asked me how I knew the language.  I told him I studied it in college, just for fun.  He said my pronunciation was excellent.  When someone needs something funny like a poem or a song parody, that’s my area too.

It makes me feel appreciated to know that people recognize my talents.  It makes me feel accepted and positive about myself.   But the best thing of all is that I recognize my talents too.  It’s great to feel accepted by others but even better to accept myself.

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