On a Wire

Yesterday, while waiting at a red light, I happened to notice three squirrels.  They were not on the ground or in a tree.  They were on a power wire above the street.  I watched as they ran, apparently without fear, from one side of the street to the other.  They ran swiftly on the wire as if they were running on a wide surface.  One false move and down they would plummet to the roadway below where they would likely become road kill.  Kind of an all or nothing situation.

I find that this is how I think about things.  I’m either doing well or I’m failing.  People either like me or they don’t like me.  People either accept me or they don’t accept me.  I’m either doing the right thing or I’m doing the wrong thing.  And, I’m on running on a wire. One false move and down I would plummet to the roadway where I would feel like I failed, like I was not liked, like I was not accepted, like I was wrong.

Why do I think this way?

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