Embracing My Imperfection

Let me begin by saying that, as a perfectionist, embracing my imperfection will be a challenge.  I have read so many self-improvement books and made many attempts to change things about me which I don’t like.  I understand that I can’t be perfect but I still beat myself up for my shortcomings.

Today, I ran across something I have never heard of.  As I was thinking about a topic for tonight, I discovered the concept of wabi-sabi, which is sometimes called it the “wisdom of imperfection” as well as the “beauty of things imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”.  Some examples from nature could include a full-moon that is partially hidden by clouds, or an impeccable garden with a random scattering of leaves.  Asymmetric objects are also considered examples of wabi-sabi.  Leonard Cohen’s song “Anthem” contains the lyric “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.”  The imperfection in all things is how beauty can be seen.

What a concept for humans like me!  Rather than strive for the impossible and cause myself anger and stress, I should embrace my imperfections and allow the beauty to come through.  I should forgive myself and accept myself as I am.  I should love myself, flaws and all.

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