Rabbi Twerski and Innate Health

Several years ago, I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is a Rabbi.  We talked for quite a while about a number of things, including my recovery from depression.  He suggested that I do some research on Rabbi Abraham Twerski, who is the Founder and Medical Director Emeritus Gateway Rehabilitation Center.  In addition to being a Hasidic Rabbi, he is also a psychiatrist.  I watched a few of his videos at the time but didn’t do much more than that.

Today, I was reminded of that conversation when I happened to see a quotation from Rabbi Twerski so I took a look at his website, The Twerski Wellness Institute.  The Institute believes in a concept called Innate Health, which is the idea that “all people are inherently whole. Everyone is always feeling and experiencing through Thought. This system can never break down. Regardless of circumstance, genetics or past experiences, all humans continue to possess the capacity for mental health and well being. It is not necessary to acquire this ability because it is inborn and innate”.   I believe in this idea of innate health.  I believe that we are born with it but our environment can have a huge negative impact on what we feel and experience.

Many techniques and strategies used to aid in recovery from mental illness work on changing thoughts from negative to positive.  However, “Innate Health facilitators see no need to modify any thought.  There only needs to be a shift in the relationship to all thought, however pleasant or distressing.”  This is particularly interesting to me since positive self-talk has not been effective for me.  I tend not to believe the positive thought so I dismiss it.

I am intrigued by Rabbi Twerski’s Wellness Institute and will look into it further.  Look for further articles from me about Innate Health and the 3 Principles.

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