Tu Me Manques

My granddaughter is flying home to Denver.  1400 miles away from me, her Papa.  I hadn’t seen her in 6 months, except on Facetime, when she had just turned 3.

It was wonderful to have her here.  I taught her how to play Go Fish, played with her and her Disney princesses, watched her play at Catch Air, and was charmed by her once again.

I didn’t want her to leave and I miss her a great deal already.  I was thinking about the phrase “I miss you” and somehow I remembered my 5 years of studying French.  In the French language, they don’t say “I miss you”.  Instead, they say “You are missed by me” or “Tu me manques”.  The emphasis is on the person who is missed.

I think the French have it right.  You are missed by me, Hannah Bear.

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