2017 – A Prime Year

I’m looking forward to 2017.  I know many people are concerned about the upcoming changes in the White House.  I know that many people want 2016 to end since we lost so many famous people.  As for me, I am looking forward to 2017 to be a continuation of some of the good things from 2016 and a chance to improve.

During 2016, I made some job changes.  As 2016 comes to an end, I am so happy in my job with NAMI and my part-time job as a math tutor.  I am looking forward to supporting our local NAMI affiliates and helping students in the coming year.

During 2016, my four children are all happily married and successfully navigating the journey of being adults.  Although there are some miles between us, I am looking forward to more good times with them.

During 2016, my wife and I sold our house and are now living comfortably, and with much less clutter, in our apartment.  I am looking forward to another year of reduced stress, enjoying out sun room, and going for walks.

During 2016, there are, of course, some things that I could have done better. I am looking forward to flossing and brushing every night so I can get a gold star from my dental hygienist, developing and implementing a healthy eating and exercise plan that I can follow with my busy schedule, and making time for reading and writing.

2017 is a prime number so why not make 2017 a prime year!

Happy New Year to all.

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