1,313 Days

For the last 1,313 days, I have been a Papa.  My little granddaughter Hannah was born 1,313 days ago in Colorado.  Unfortunately, I live in Georgia.  I was unemployed at the time so I was able to see her not long after she was born and I spent a couple of weeks with her.  I will always remember the wonderful feeling of having her fall asleep while laying across my chest.  I will also remember how hard it was to have to go home again.

I have been out to Colorado to visit on a number of occasions and she has been here in Georgia a few times too.  But, until this week, it has been about six months since I have seen her.  Thanks to Facetime, I have been able to see her on a small screen but she is often playing with her toys or taking a bath.  It’s just not the same as being there.

Today, I got to be Papa in person.  We had a great time playing with her Disney princesses, going to the train store (Barnes and Noble), having lunch, and playing cards.  I taught her how to play Go Fish and War.  (Hannah is extremely intelligent and catches on quickly.  I think I may teach her how to count cards and take her to Vegas to play Blackjack.)  We sang songs, walked the dog, and never once turned on the TV.

Hannah is a beautiful little girl and I am lucky to be her Papa.  I just wish we weren’t separated by 1,400 miles.


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