Maybe Baby Wants to be Put in a Corner

To my readers:

Thank you for following me and for your comments.  I will be away for a couple of days so my blog will continue on December 26.

I had the opportunity to visit our new office space today.  I work for a very small non-profit and the building was are leasing is being sold.  So we are moving across the street to another building.  My boss told me that she had not finalized my office assignment.

The first possibility was a smallish office at the end of a hallway in the corner.  As we approached it, one of my peers joked that nobody puts Robert in a corner, an obvious reference to a well-known line from Dirty Dancing.  The office had a window in the center of the back wall and I could picture myself sitting at my desk, with the window behind me, allowing natural light to stream in.  As we continued the office tour, my boss showed me another space which could be my office.  It was larger than the first office and it did not have a window.  It was also close to the office entrance.  If you entered the building, you would walk down the hall, make a left, and my office would be immediately on the left.  My boss said that it was my choice.

I think I surprised her when I chose the one down the hall in the corner.  The idea of being out of the traffic pattern and further away from the front door was appealing to me.  I also like to have music playing when I work so I would be able to play my music louder and not bother anyone.  The natural light would allow to leave the bright florescent light off and just work with sunlight and my salt lamp.

Sounds like the perfect office for an introvert.  Put me in the corner.  I’m fine with that.

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