Impostor Syndrome

For as long as I can remember, I never thought I was good enough.  As a child, I didn’t think I would ever be as smart as my older brother.  I didn’t think my father thought I could measure up to my brother either.  Although I did well in school, I compared myself to others and usually felt inferior.  As an adult, these feelings persisted.  Giving myself credit or accepting praise from others was difficult for me.  I felt like I could have done better, or anyone could have done what I did.

I have had a new job for almost three months now.  I feel like I have done OK but I think my boss, my peers, and those I serve would say I have done much better than OK.  It’s just the way I think.

I read an interesting article today entitled 5 Ways to Banish the Belief That You’re Not Good Enough by Amy Morin.  Ms. Morin refers to something I have never heard of called the Impostor Syndrome.  “Impostor syndrome involves feelings of inadequacy and chronic self-doubt, despite evidence to the contrary. No matter how successful these individuals were, they felt like frauds and their beliefs robbed them of mental strength. They thought they just weren’t good enough to compete at a higher level and ultimately, their bad mental habits sabotaged their success.” 

One of the surest ways to sabotage your success is to choose not to try.  When self-doubt is so strong, you decide you might as well not even step up to the challenge.  Why try if you are sure to fail?

One of the ways Ms. Morin mentions to fight the Impostor Syndrome is to share your passions with others.  Writing a blog is a good way to share your knowledge with others. I have been writing this blog for over a week now and I can honestly say that it helps me to think about my accomplishments and to focus on how far I have come in the last several years.  I hope my readers are finding my words to be useful.


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