Are There Accidents?

I often think about whether events happen by accident or if there is some cosmic force at play.  Does everything happen for a reason, is there some plan in The Universe, something that we will never understand?  Back in 1989, I participated in a training for men and I was taught to believe that there are no accidents.  So many events in my life seem to be connected to each other so perhaps it is true.

For example, if I hadn’t torn my ACL in college, I might not have married my wife.  Because I tore my ACL, I had to have surgery and my leg was in a cast for several weeks.  A girl I knew was thinking of asking me to her sorority pledge formal but, since I was in a full leg cast, she decided not to ask me since I couldn’t dance.  Had I gone to the pledge formal with my friend, I would have met my wife, who knew my friend.

Had I not become a member of the Cobb Wind Symphony, my granddaughter Hannah might not have been born.  My daughter played in the Cobb Wind Symphony for a while and it was there that she met Dustin, her husband. So no Cobb Wind Symphony, no Hannah.  And what it Alfred Watkins never started the Cobb Wind Symphony?

Had I not worked a part time job at Walgreen’s last year, I would not be a math tutor today.  One day at the store, I met a friend whose kids I tutored.  She asked me if I was still tutoring and when I said no, she gave me the name of someone who runs a tutoring company.  I have been tutoring there for almost a year now.

Are events in our lives random, arbitrary, disconnected from each other, or is there a mysterious force to make things happen?  Or do we just have a good imagination?  I don’t think we will ever know the realty of the situation.  What do you think?

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