Making Music

I just finished playing a Holiday Concert with the Cobb Wind Symphony.  I have been playing in the Cobb Wind Symphony since the year it was formed in 1999.  I am so fortunate that Alfred Watkins stepped up to lead this organization and to devote his time and amazing musical talent.

Back in 1976, when I graduated from college, I put my clarinet away.  After being a four-year member of the Michigan Marching Band, Varsity Band, Hockey Band, and I even played at a wrestling match, I found myself without a place to play.  I always enjoyed playing music and was a pretty decent clarinet player.  But that part of my life was seemingly over.  I would play at Homecoming football games at Michigan but we moved to Chicago and then Atlanta so it was harder to get up to Ann Arbor.  When I heard that the Cobb Wind Symphony was forming, I got out my old plastic clarinet which my mother rented for $6.50 per month back in 1965.  And here we are, in 2016, and I am still playing.

The Cobb Wind Symphony has some very talented musicians.  Many members of the ensemble are music educators.  Some have played with other groups, including professional ensembles.  Some have studied under some well-known musicians.  I am not one of these.  I can’t play every note in every piece.  I can’t handle every technical passage in my part.  And I don’t have the time to practice my music like I did in school.  So I do the best I can.  That is how our community band works.  No pressure, no tryouts, no going down the line.  We just play music because we love playing music.

That part of my life of playing music was over.  But it’s back.  And I’m glad it is.  I don’t know where I would be without music.  Come check us out.




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