Feeling Competent

Today was an amazing day.  I had to lead a meeting this morning and I worked hard to prepare for it.  In previous meetings, we had discussions and conversations but we lacked structure.  As the leader, it was up to me to change this.  I was feeling like we needed more accountability and a more concrete project plan.  So today, I had an agenda and I updated my project plan to reflect due dates and assignments.  I asked people for updates and then we reviewed the plan to see if the due dates made sense.  It turned out to be a great meeting.  I feel like everyone is more aware of who needs to do what.

But the rest of the day was different than most other days.  I felt competent, in control, confident, sure of myself.  In a phone conversation with one of the people I serve, he told me that he doesn’t envy me since I have so much on my plate.  I chuckled and said “That’s why I was hired me”,  because my boss had faith in me to handle it.  Today, I feel like I have the same faith in me.  I believe I have what it takes to make a difference here.  I believe I am in the right place.  I don’t feel nervous or anxious about what lies ahead.  I got this!

My recent articles dealt with attitude.  I started today with a more positive attitude.  I am ending the day feeling optimistic and happy.  It doesn’t take long to change an attitude. Maintaining it requires hard work for me.  It doesn’t take much to derail me and put me on the track towards negativity.  So when I feel myself slipping, when Eeyore is trying to make a comeback, I just have to remember how much I love feeling the way I do right now.

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