Making Progess

Two days ago, I wrote a blog about accepting praise.  This has always been difficult for me. The other day, I was talking with someone about the emotional bank account.  Dr. Covey used this concept with respect to building trust and relationships.  It is important to make deposits into one’s emotional bank account.  I seem to have a problem with my emotional bank.  When someone makes a deposit, rather than building up my balance, the transaction goes right out the back door.  In one ear, out the other.

Today, I seem to have found the way to lock the back door.  I was on a conference call for work this morning.  I told everyone on the call that I had already done something prior to the call and someone said “That’s because you are wonderful”.  It felt great to be recognized and I let it sink in.  More importantly, I believed it.

At another point on the call, someone thanked my boss and I for all the work we are doing. Once again, it felt great, I let it sink in, and I believed it.   I also got a chance to cover some of the material on the agenda and I felt confident and knowledgeable.  One of the people on the call texted me to tell me what an asset I am to the organization and how lucky they are to have me.  She would love to have me join her affiliate and become involved in their local efforts.

It feels so much better to bask in the glow of positive energy than to believe that I am not praiseworthy.  Being praised by someone feels wonderful.  Accepting the praise is even better.  Now I have to work on praising myself.  Progress is made up of small successes.



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