Can Core Values be Negative?

I recently read an article called One Research-Backed Way to Effectively Manage Your Stressful and Busy Schedule.  The author, James Clear, cites research that shows how writing about your core values as they pertain to your day benefits you more than just writing about the positive things that happened to you.  So, I am about to start writing a journal.  Each day, I will write about how the things I did that day pertained to my core values.  The big challenge for me is determining what my core values are.

There are lists of potential core values on the Internet.  Some have just a few suggestions, others have 50 suggestions, and I have seen others that list over 100 candidates.  After perusing these lists, I have settled upon five which seem to fit me.

I noticed that these core values are things which one might want to strive for.  They sound so positive, sort of like world peace.  I wonder if core values have to be that way.  What if I am a person who has very little self-discipline?  Would my core values be laziness, lack of caring, lack of determination, taking the easy way out?  What about self-sabotage?  If I do this to myself all the time, is that one of my core values?  Independence is listed as a core value.  I don’t see dependence on the list.

So, as I begin to focus on my core values, are these five things I have come up with (empathy, curiosity, creativity, humor, learning) truly my core values or my “wannabe” core values?  Just curious (hmmm, that might really be one of my core values).  Let’s see if I have the self-discipline to see this through. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.

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